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We choose to go to the Moon

People will land again on the surface of the Moon in 2024. And that’s thanks to the bulk metallic glass.

We choose to go to the Moon. To mine the Moon. It’s more than a new idea, it’s a project. For a growing number of companies and agencies in the whole world, the Moon could be an excellent source of useful materials.
That is what we can read behind the words: “a new era of exploration and discovery that will benefit all of humanitywritten directly by NASA (on September 11th 2020).

For first, the materials on the surface could be transformed in lunar bases. Try to imagine it, it seems a science fiction book, while it’s (rocket science of course) reality.
Humans will land again on the surface of the Moon in 2024.
But there’s a problem. Oh well, several problems. The first is that, as you already know, the surface of the Moon isn’t protected by an atmosphere and that’s why every machines will have to face intense heat and freezing cold.

Extracting materials on the Moon could appear as a “mission impossible” for several other reasons. Having to face an extra-terrestrial operation until the built of the base, for example, mining machines have to be light enough for launch, but heavy enough to work on the lower gravity of the Moon.

Another problem to solve is represented by the position of the Moon itself. While our Planet tilts more than 20° relative to the Sun, the Moon is only tilted about 1,5°. Which means that some areas have been in permanent frozen darkness for billion of years. And machine lubricant can freeze, so that the only brilliant solution could be to make the moving parts from bulk metallic glass, the best material for resistance in extremely cold conditions.

NASA believes in bringing humans back to the moon in 2024, for a mission that will have permanent effects. And if this is possible, it will also be thanks to the bulk metallic glass, the real force of our time.
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