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Liquid metal golf clubs

Unusual springiness and a soft feel, how about liquid metal golf clubs?

One of the first commercial applications of the Liquid metal was in the golf field, in order to produce golf clubs heads. 

Bulk Metallic Glass has several outstanding attributes, such as: high strength-to-weight ratios, high hardness, good forming and shaping qualities, unusual magnetism and, above all, BMG is extremely elastic.

The incomparable mechanical properties of BMG can increase the coefficient of restitution at the impact between a golf club and a ball. And, moreover, in addition to all the other characteristics we’ve already mentioned, liquid metal provides a softer, more solid feel for better control when a golfer strikes the ball.

Many tests, made since the last years of the past century, have demonstrated that the liquid metal presents a negligible hysteresis loss, which means that less energy is absorbed by the club head at the impact, so that more energy is transferred to the ball.

According to these tests and to the literary produced by the Golf Plate Manufacturer, steel club heads transfer about 60% of the input energy to the ball, while titanium transfers about 70%. Are you curious to discover the unparalleled power of metallic glass? Liquid metal golf clubs can transfer up to 99%.

This is why many sport brands started producing liquid metal golf clubs, like Mizuno, Maruman Golf or Bridgestone Sport and that’s why you can buy online numerous types of high end bulk metallic glass golf clubs. 

But… there’s a problem and it’s name is “USGA”, the United States Golf Association. The USGA limits the coefficient of restitution to 86% and this is far less than the liquid metal alloys are capable of delivering. 

A liquid metal driver or a liquid metal putter must be artificially dampened through construction to comply with USGA standards, otherwise it would be illegal.

It sounds like you can drive a Ferrari, but you are stuck in traffic around the London freeway during the rush hour. Driving a Ferrari or a Subaru become the same thing.

Of course, BMG is the Ferrari of the metal alloys!

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