Why should you use the BMG?

Get stronger, more beautiful finished products at a lower mass production cost

The BMG (Bulk Metallic Glass) can be printed or injected into a mold, to produce a finished part, with a time reduced by 70% compared to other materials used in the metallurgical sector.
It also guarantees the final product a resistance 4 times higher than any other material and very high resilience (the ability of an object to spring back into shape).

What we can produce with BMG

We have already made jewels for leading brands in the fashion industry, tools such as pliers, gears and machinery parts, electrical covers and parts of innovative devices, such as smartphones. We have also reached excellent results in producing screws, parts of sports accessories such as golf clubs or tennis rackets, medical and surgical devices, and much more.

Highly advanced machinery must be involved in the manufacturing process, such as the one we own, Engel e-motion 110, which takes an average of just 70 seconds per print cycle.
To provide for a less expensive and easy way to produce prototypes for all kind of requests, we also have available a specific Topcast centrifuge prototyper.
Once the production process has been completed, the element made of BMG results shiny, but it can subsequently be satin, gilded or undergo other any transformation process useful for the final goal.

The waste obtained from the production process is completely melted and recycled, compacted into billets ready to be used again.
The entire processing phase ensures a "green" procedure with no residue, an obvious economic saving and the creation of finished products of superior quality.

How we can collaborate

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We can create a prototype for you, able to show the unparalleled properties of the BMG.

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Our Engel e-motion 110

It is one of the jewels of our machinery.
Its outstanding qualities are precision and excellent finish: it can guarantee excellent cycle times (70 seconds per printout) and a complete vacuum process. Furthermore, its maximum power is associated with minimum energy consumption, supporting a more sustainable development and production idea.