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The applications of bulk metallic glass

From 2004 to today, from research to today's thousands of possibilities. The current possible applications of metallic glass, or BMG

In 2004 a collaboration between the University of Cambridge and the Laboratoire de Thermodynamique et Physico Chimie Metallurgique of Grenoble, developed by a group of researchers including A.I. Salimon, M.F. Ashby, Y. Bréchet and A.I. Green, studied the possibilities of use of Bulk Metallic Glass, in the industrial field. The starting idea was: BMGs are expensive materials and so they will remain for a long time, but their cost could be justified by a strong improvement in performance, which consequently could make them advantageous and more "economical".

In 2004, if the research and production of gears or components in BMG for space missions had already been started, this remained an unexplored field, despite the main objective in these researches was already to make the new material "cheaper”, or “ lighter”, or even “safer”, or a combination of these characteristics together.

The team followed several strategies and with one in particular came to define the possible advantageous uses also in economic terms of metallic glass, starting from identifying “similar” materials. By following this idea they found several important suggestions that are still valid today for mechanical and chemical engineering applications, in the manufacturing field, in marine transport and the sports sector.
In particular, the following were indicated as possible applications: golf clubs, ophthalmic surgical knives, pieces of sports equipment such as skis and skates, precision mechanical elements, dental elements, parts of musical instruments, jewelry and structural components for machinery in general.

Today, RS Alloys build the future following a new aim, distant in time from that research. From theory we have moved on to practice, making real the possibility of introducing Bulk Metallic Glass in any company that wishes to participate in innovation, at low costs. Screws, pliers, springs, jewels, precision accessories: any element can be made in BMG thanks to its basic feature that makes it printable like a polymer.

We can provide for two injection machines, one dedicated to prototypes and an Engel Victory 110.  Using these two machines we can first create a prototype and then mass-produce, with a strong reduction in costs, any gear, precision element, component or jewel for any company and industry. Rs Alloys is the only one in Europe that can offer this type of investment.

In addition to the creation of unbeatable tools in terms of the performance of each type, we can also ensure the virtually zero ecological impact of each element produced in BMG. Metallic glass allows economic savings, guarantees inexhaustible performance (a screw made of BMG lasts more than human life, guaranteeing very high performance, as it is elastic and flexible) and, if not painted, it is always completely 100% recyclable.

BMG will be essential in the first lunar villages, but it will be equally important in developing contemporary innovation, to offer its users absolutely "green" products, durable over time and capable of withstanding any effort and temperature.
Contact us and together we will analyze your industrial production, to find the moments in which the application of the BMG can be decisive, guaranteeing savings and unbeatable performance.

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